Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween soon and Update!

Hello my lovelies~
Long time no see.
Have you missed me?

Were finally in October,

It is my favorite month after December.
I love american horror story, candy, zombies but it still
can't beat my love for christmas!
Sadly I haven't been able to enjoy October
under my covers while watching my favorite shows.
This month has been hectic 
since my family is moving to a new house.
There's so many things to pack but there's no time
with all these exams, quizzes and homework assignments.
I been stressed, anxious, and a bit sad.
Keeping up my grades has been challenging too.
I feel like I'm doing a sloppy juggling 
with life, school, grades, moving, anxiety
Therefore I'm sorry that I been really inactive on
my social medias.
My anxiety has been preventing me from enjoying small things
and even messing me up in one of my big tests (pooey)
My teacher gave me a big positive push this week though
and it has kept my head up since.
I know I also worried some of you after one of my Instagram posts and then
suddenly disappeared.

I'm sorry for worrying you!
I'm well. Thank you for your words from last time.
Your words give me strength and they become my strength.
I'm very grateful to have you in my life.
To me you're just more than a "follower"
I'm happy to have a bond with you.
I want to share this video with you,
it is a very cute video and song that applies to what i wrote that day.
I want to dedicate the song to any of you
who have felt insecure about your appearance.

Moving on from this,
I'm excited to show you what look I'm doing this Halloween.
I wanted to go for something creepy this year.
I hope you look forward to it!
I do wonder though...
how are you even able to put on your sclera lens?
That thing is literally 5 times bigger than my own eye.
I mean I watched fellow blogger friends put it on and yet
Whenever i try to put it on, my eye doesn't want it!
I shall figure this out...
I can't wait for halloween!
Though at the same time I don't want October to be over yet.
So many good terror movies on tv haha~

that's all for now loves.
I'll come back with a lens review and a halloween look as soon as 
we finished moving.


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