Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It made me tear up!

Whatever we do in life, there is always a need for money.
With money we have shelter from rain and other weather,
we have a bed to rest on, food to eat,
money to even provide our loved ones with the things that they need.
Sometimes even to buy ourselves things that we enjoy and like.
However can we find happiness out of money?

I always thought back on that quote,
"Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop"
from the character Blair from Gossip Girl.
If your loved ones were to leave and all you had left was money
would you be happy?

I was watching this drama called, "Divorce Lawyers", and on this 26th episode the Ex Wife wanted to hold a divorce ceremony (I know very unrealistic) and went over the years of her marriage with all her family and friends.
She described how when they first started their marriage they were dirt poor but even still she was happy. They went through so much struggle like her husband injuring himself and her having to work all night for the hospital expenses, taking care of her in laws and losing them, not having a lot of time with her husband but yet she was so happy. 
Her speech made me cry because it was so touching and I know it's just a drama but i liked how she worded it out.
She married him because she loved him, it didn't matter if they were dirt poor or how many struggles they encountered as long as they were together because she was happy just to see him.
Now he asked her to divorced her and all she's left with is money.
She says,
"I don't have a job and i don't have a husband. I have money. But am I really happy? All I want is my husband and my family."
I started crying because her speech is so touching and true.
Even her ex husband was tearing up and in the end a miracle happens,
the ex husband says, "Let's go home"
he couldn't bare to see his wife mourn over their marriage and see all the pain he caused her.
It is very unrealistic but it made me thing about it as well.

As a young child I saw my parents divorce and both sides were in bad terms (even to today, it is very hard to have my mother and father in the same room). My mother raised us on her own sometimes with no help from my father. Sometimes I would see my mom crying and there was even days were she would get bloodshot eyes because of all the stress she carried on her shoulder. 
It came a time we had to live with one of my eldest cousin. We took over my youngest cousin's bedroom. In one bed me and my sister would sleep on and the other bed my mom and my brother would sleep on. We were just waiting for next door house to be ready for us to move in which took a few months yet,
I remember wishing we were rich. 
I know it sounds ungrateful, but it was hard seeing my mom struggle.
Sometimes I would lower my head when she took me to school because one of the car's window wouldn't go up and it was really cold so my mom tapped it to seal the cold.
I was embarrassed by it because my middle school classmates were really mean and they already picked on me for my accent and because my "friends" would always run away from me and leave me behind. I didn't want to give them another reason to laugh at me.
Thinking on that i feel really ungrateful. There's people without a car or transport and here I was embarrassed by it.
Sometimes too the car stopped working and my grandma was there to walk me to school and I would tell her I'll go on my own from a certain distance from the school for no one to see me with her because I didn't want the other kids to tease me and laugh at me because of my grandma.
Thinking about that it makes me tear up, specially since I've lost my grandma and I'm still mourning her death. I wish i hadn't done that.
Because now, I wish my grandma was here in good health...waking up to her washing the dishes.

If i had to choose between the people I love and money,
I would choose them.
I could be rich and own many things, but if my family is not there it wouldn't be worth it.
We think that money will make us happy because we can obtain more stuff but truthfully in this world we need to love and be loved and belong.

Closing up to this,
i will be forever grateful to all I've obtained from my Mother.
It is very hard because of the new marriage, to the point we even came to dislike each other at times
but i'm forever grateful to all the things she has provided to us.

I'll also make sure to love, care and be in the good and in the bad with my husband and resolve things out.

It's a good drama by the way!
I recommend it to you.

god bless,

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