Saturday, August 8, 2015

Coming Home soon!

from a 4 weeks to 1 week!
Almost there!

Hello everyone!
Today I'm very happy, because soon baobei will come home soon.
I even made a counter !

I thought it was going to feel like forever but webcamming here and there
has made time pass by quicker but also made us miss each other even more.
Thankfully though the day he comes back is coming soon.
Sadly summer vacation is also over but I too kinda had an adventure with him through pictures.
Let me just start with the photo of this miffy cake!!!
It's so cute! I want one!

Then look! kurilakkuma! 

 Cony from line!
I love cony because she's like me haha!

Lots of plushies! 
Pretty sure he showed me because he knows I love bunnies haha~

Pink accessories paradise!

Panda hotel!

and more pastries....that piggy and panda!

But seriously pastries there look ridiculously beautiful and delicious.

He sent me a few pictures of sushi and fish here and there
perfectly knowing I hate seafood haha~

and yet more pastries haha!
Look at Brown from Line though!
As you can guess Brown is my boyfriend~ 
because I'm cony of course~

random photo i decided to share since pandas!


By the time he comes we will be starting
school at totally different schedules 
But that never stop us from being together. After all we always make time for each other or we wait for each other if one of us are still in class and go home together after that.

It makes think back when we didn't know of each other's existence.
I didn't even know but we even shared a class in my first semester of college!
He told me he sat on the other side of the room while I sat near the door side.
We both weren't aware until we brought up the teacher and class, it was crazy! I don't want to say such cliche thing but destiny works in mysterious ways. I also never told him but from a facebook group in our college i came across his facebook as he was a member of the group but even so I had forgotten about his name by the time I actually met him.
Do you wanna hear our love story? haha~
It is long though!
It's going to sound super cheesy!

It was the beginning of a new semester during the fall it was the very first day. I was early to class so there I was sitting now in my last class when he sat in the next row a seat behind me. Besides that we didn't make any contact nor did I mind his existence until the person behind me kept asking me to pass him my homework, so i would turn around a lot and that made me notice my boyfriend. He was really quiet and looked shy as well and for some odd reason i kept looking and looking at him, i then didn't realize till later that i come to like him. Everyday I thought of him wondering how his voice sounded like, how his smile looked like, how his laugh would sound like, what he likes and dislikes and so on. I looked forward to attending class just to catch a glimpse of him and even got a bit sad when he wasn't there. Soon enough the guy behind me began to catch up to me and told me he would get his number for me but I of course refused because that's creepy of me and i'm pretty sure he wouldn't like a girl like me. Hearing that when i was facing the other way he told my boyfriend, "she thinks you're cute." My eyes widened hearing that and i grabbed my stuff and started to run away when he told me that my boyfriend wasn't even sitting next to him at the time he was turning in his homework to the professor. I was so mad but also relieved that it was like so.

Again I continued to silently look at him without trying anything. I would think of scenarios and excuses over and over again in my head so I could talk to him after class but when the time came my legs just walked away faster to avoid embarrassing myself. So then the day came, we had a test that day and we both finished at the same time. We were walking next to each other as we try to exit the building so I gathered my courage and asked, "The test was easy huh?" i beat up myself in my head because i could've asked something better but he answered shyly and nervously, "It was so-so, finding the answers online was easy though!"  I had agreed with him and after that we fell silent and he walked away faster making me think that he thought i was weird or something. After he disappeared i reach onto the school balcony and let out a big sigh and then i slapped both of my cheeks excitedly because I got to hear his voice and talk to him a little on top of that. I was hoping that with that we could talk a little and greet each other but he continued to be quiet. It was the middle of November and school was almost ending and I was sad about it because I knew I wouldn't ever see him again. When I was doing my homework on the computer i did a very stupid thing; i tried looking for his facebook. His last name is the same as my great grandpa's last name from when i hear the teacher calling row. In seconds i found his facebook by just looking at his picture. I did something even more stupid by adding him thinking he wouldn't approve anyways; but he did. I didn't want to attend class the next day embarrassed of my actions and scared of what he would think about me adding him. Luckily he had skipped class so I had a peaceful day in class. While I was looking for the answers online, i received a message from facebook and when i read who was it i was very shocked. It was my boyfriend and he had sent me a message saying, "Hey can I ask you a question?" I was freaking out and yet kept my cool and said yes. He just had asked me about the test essay question lol! Making me me think that well of course he wouldn't care about me and just wanted to know that. However we kept talking about the games we liked like final fantasy and stuff like that and he went to bed. I thought we would never talk again but the next day he messaged me a good morning and we kept talking and talking. It was so unreal and unexpected I really was truly happy and he even asked me to meet him in places (in our college). It was really awkward the first time he told me to go down to the school's gaming area. We stood next to each other at least 3 ft apart while we tried to talk to each other and face each other. We kept meeting but school came to an end, I wasn't sure if i'll see him again which made me somewhat sad but I had a good time with him even just like that. Surprisingly i wasn't the only one who felt like so and on December 23 he even invited me to go out to the mall! Poor thing I made him wait for a whole hour lol! And on top of that he hates walking around so I'm thankful he invited me even in a place where there's lots of walking. We didn't hold hands and it was rather awkward the whole time but at the end he pulled in for a hug!
Then on Christmas he asked me to be his "hime" (means princess in japanese, we call each other hime and ouji because were silly) and well I of course said yes!
I went from staring at him silently to his girlfriend.
He can be a little caca head sometimes, but there's no doubt that he treats me like a princess.

Through him I've learned what it feels like to REALLY be loved and appreciated..
Thank you Baobei!


I'm really looking forward to school though, luckily i'm getting to go as I was able to pay off the tuition thanks to my family.
Were getting a new chinese teacher this semester and I'm looking forward to meeting her and reuniting with my Chinese family. I sadly couldn't register for french this semester though I would've liked to and I feel awful that i won't be able to continue it this semester but there's always spring and summer classes for it.

that's all for now friends!

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