Tuesday, August 4, 2015

SEXYBOX sponsored review

Hello guys!
Here I'm trying to catch up on sponsored reviews!
Summer school was on the way and then I been feeling negatively emotional
and getting migraines and la la!

I'm feeling quite well right now so I decided to do a sponsored review from SEXYBOX!

If you haven't heard about Sexy Box,
It's a business in which they pick a lingerie and send it to on the 6th of each month!
I think that's pretty awesome considering that i love lingerie and have very childish underwear
(hello kitty panties lol sorry TMI)

Moving on,
Shipping + Packging
Shipping was rather quick, as soon as they told me it was on it's way it came by in 2-3 days.
It came in this box  it was really protected by tape
inside the read wrappers was the purple baby doll 
they picked out for me

a thong also came with it
But I don't really wear them...haha
Sexybox assured me that I didn't have to show the items on my body
But I liked the baby doll so much I took a picture of me wearing it.

I don't really like purple but I think purple is a night color
and therefore even more sexy.
I would still liked a pastel pink but i think that's really not so womanly of me~

thoughts and rating:
packaging fun: 

I liked what I had received but i do hope this is a preview of the items they send to their customers because if this is all they send to their customers I'm kinda disappointed. Also making the package a bit more fun it wouldn't hurt.  I do appreciate SEXYBOX package but I wish they would add more fun for when we open their package, rather than opening a simple package like that. Other than that I think i would've liked getting their the rest of the months lingerie for fun.

Thank you for reading

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