Monday, July 6, 2015

I.fairy lumos in pink sponsored by

Hello bunnies!
It's been long right?
I finally finished my summer classes.
Freedom is really nice!

Now i get to do all my sponsors reviews!
I honestly didn't think summer classes would be at all that hard
seeing how my classes were a piece of cake!

Anyways, Today I'm reviewing pink lenses!
I'm so excited because I love the I.fairy Lumos series and I love pink!
This post was kindly sponsored by UNIQSO

Shipping: Shipping took only a week or so!
And as always, no complains in UNIQSO's way of handling the order.
They always update me on my order by emailing me.

Here's how it was packaged:

I got 4 lenses!

Awesome flyers that are handy for when friends
ask me about where i buy circle lens!

Lens properly bubble wrapped!

These time I fell in love with all my lenses!
I can't wait to show you!

For now let's talk about the lumos pink!

here's me wearing it!
I tried to do gyaru make-up because I think these lenses are perfect for it!
I don't think I'm good at it though 

lumos pink lenses in my eye
natural eye color: dark brown

this is in my room lighting!

As you can tell the lens don't need flash or lighting to be really vibrant!
That's why i love these series!

final thoughts on :

At first I was really scared that these lenses would be a red tone rather than a hot pink tone. I really dislike pink lens that give a reddish look. These take on a hot pink tone, at first I thought they looked red but looking closely they really do look pink. The design is very fun that makes you look like you have big dolly eyes. That's why I love the Lumos series! My favorite is the orange color! I think these lenses really go with Gyaru make-up!

Thank you for reading!
These were the lumos pink from UNIQSO !

Don't forget to use my code "mochi" for 10% off your order at UNIQSO !

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