Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Princess Mimi Almond sponsored by Uniqso.com

  Hello Everyone!
Once Again I'm back with another review from UNIQSO!
Today I'm reviewing a pair of lenses from the popular brand Princess Mimi!
Usually i stay away from browns but here we go!
Today I'm reviewing,

And as always, no complains in UNIQSO's way of handling the order.
They always update me on my order by emailing me.

Here's how it was packaged:

I got 4 lenses!

Awesome flyers that are handy for when friends
ask me about where i buy circle lens!

Lens properly bubble wrapped!

Last time I reviewed barbie series,
I hope you like these as much as i did.

 In my eyes:
Natural eye color: Dark brown
Here i took it with flash.
Without the flash it isn't very noticeable in my eye.


The color is alright. I didn't choose this for the color but rather for their diameter and natural look. As expected from the Princess Mimi series, the diameter was big and very dolly like. I really enjoy these lenses when I'm going for a more natural make-up look while maintaining my big eyes. Overall if you want big eyes and not much color i would recommend these.

These are one of the pairs of the princess mimi series,
I recommend trying them out if you haven't!
Check them out at UNIQSO!


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