Friday, May 15, 2015


Hello my darlings!
My finals are finally over.
So I'll make posts here and there until summer semester starts.
Today I'm making another review for KLENSPOP

I introduced them in my previous review!
You can read it here.

Today I'm reviewing the lens

Showing some 2NE1 love! hehe

Customer Service: I can't comment on this.
Shipping: Shipping was decent. It came from korea so It was about 1-2 weeks not bad specially considering it comes from Korea. I waited for my circle lenses for 2-3 weeks so it's not that bad as other shops I ordered from.
Package came in this little small box

bubbled wrapped properly

a new girl in the box! so cute!

instructions for new users.

box detail

more instructions

items inside box

items out of the box

lens !

lens on my eyes:
My real eye color is dark brown.
With flash:

no flash:

final thoughts on rose mary gray :

The color on these lenses is not very vibrant but it has an interesting color.  I can't explain well but the color is interesting to me but not vibrant. I think this would fit those who like ulzzang style because the lenses would match that type of make-up. The diameter is not that big as it says but it does certainly have a big eye effect. I really liked them, they have an interesting color to them.

These were the rose mary gray from KLENSPOP!
Check them out kindly!

Thank you for reading

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