Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hello everyone 
I'm back again with yet another lens review but this time from

They contacted me for me to review a pair of lenses for them.
So here I'm trying to introduce you to another shop.

Don't know who they are?
Well they're based in Korea!
They offer a variety of comfortable lens and must I add korean lens, as well
as cosmetics and hairdyes
they claim to make women's eyes throughout the world beautiful and want to try their best to make our eyes beautiful.
Do check out KLENSPOP kindly~

Today I'll be reviewing Bunny brown for them!

Customer service:
I can't really speak much about the customer service since these was sponsored and I wasn't really treated like a customer where I believe they provide shipping information. However they were nice to me so there's no complains.

The Klenspop told me they were sending the package as soon as possible and the lens really did come quick. I would say it took around a week for me to receive. I didn't get a tracking number information because again I was sponsored and I'm sure they have a lot of customers to attend to about their shipping information. The package came from Korea so a week was not bad at all.

It came in a tiny box and when I opened it,
It was bubble wrapped

This box was too cute that i had to keep it myself.
the quote says,
"eyes needs style too, find out about myself by unique and individual lens"

the back of the box includes directions as to how to apply lens unto your eye.

more of the pretty box.

Inside the box were a contact case and one of those
tweezers that i don't really use but I know some do.
Here's a video of how it is used:
there's plenty demonstrations on youtube.

items out of the box

here are the lens!

there's even bunnies in the lens bottle!

the packing was very well done. It was well protected and the box was adorable. I also liked that they included instructions on how to apply lens onto your eyes.

how the lens look on my eyes in different lighting:
real eye color: dark brown

Rating: 2/5

Final thoughts on Bunny brown:
The lens are not ugly, they're just not my cup of tea. I like lens that provide more color and diameter. However if you like natural looking lens with not much diameter these are for you! I do like the color because it's like a honey brown but I like lens that pop my eyes more. There's not much of a design but if you really want natural brown lens might want to try these. The lens are very comfortable, I had no problem with these lenses. 

So go ahead and check out Bunny brown if you liked how they looked.
There's much more lens in KLENSPOP that you can try as well!
Check them out kindly.

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  1. I realli like how this lens looks on your eyes! Thank you for this review!