Monday, May 26, 2014


Hello Hello everyone i'm back with another lens review that was kindly sponsored by UNIQSO.

This time i will be reviewing Geo eyes cream Choco Mousse!

I as always have good things to say about UNIQSO
As always their customer service is splendid.
As for the shipping i have to say it's quite fast coming from Asia!
We all know how nerve wrecking it is to have to wait for packages from Asia
but i think UNIQSO's shipping time is splendid!
I think my package took about 10 days to arrive which is decent compared to other circle lenses websites i ordered from! 
Plus of course you get a tracking # and you can see where your order is which is good! I remember ordering circle lenses from a website and it took 2-3 months for them to arrive and i kept messaging the owner for a tracking # to which i never received so i felt uneasy.

But Moving on!
 here's how i received the package:
So here is the package i received from UNIQSO

And inside you can see  that is safely bubble wrapped

This is what it was inside the package

Inside the boxes there's the lenses again safely wrapped

these are the ones i'm reviewing today:

You can see how safely bubble wrapped they are

you can read the other review here

And again first time users very important please read the following articles
How to open safely here 

Now for how it looks on!

color: 3/5
diameter: 5/5
effect: 3/5
natural: 5/5
i give it 3.5 out of 5

I'm really getting into natural circle lenses and that is why i chosen these and because reminded me of the Princess mimi chocolate brown. The color on these hardly show on your eyes but it does leave an interesting tone on brown eyes! The diameter for me looked small even though they're 14.5 however they do give a nice enlargement on eyes regardless in a natural way!  They look very natural when you put them on but they still have that interesting tone and pattern on your eyes! I think these lenses would look great for someone who is going after an Ulzzang look which is why i did and ulzzang look rather than a Gyaru look! Now for comfortableness i must say these are very very comfortable to wear! I worn them for 8 hours and they still in good shape! They don't bug me nor make my eyes feel dry! 
I recommend to all my ulzzang lovers to purchase these lenses i think they're so nice for this look!!!

You can use my coupon code "mochi" for 10% off your order!

Once again thank you so much Uniqso for sponsoring me these lenses!

That is all my bunny rabbits!