Monday, May 19, 2014

Dolly Eye Gothic 3 tones Honey sponsored by UNIQSO

Hello Hello everyone! I'm here again to Review another lens that were sponsored to me by UNIQSO
I actually got 2 lens from them but I'm going to review these first!
So here we go!

So to begin with if you want to know more about UNIQSO there's more about them on my last review of the Kimchi Bambi Violet.

These lenses were kindly given to be by UNIQSO so thank you so muchUNIQSO!!!

So to begin with like i said on my other post, UNIQSO is very good with their customer service and they are quick to answer your questions but they are very responsible and make sure that their customers know what is going on with their order. Of course UNIQSO are also human and they can make mistake but if you message them they can do something for you.

So here is the package i received from UNIQSO

And inside you can see  that is safely bubble wrapped

This is what it was inside the package

Inside the boxes there's the lenses again safely wrapped

these are the ones i'm reviewing first

And you can see here how they're safely bubble wrapped 

So if this is your first time getting circle lenses, I recommend you to read how to open them safely here and you should also read Guide for first time users as it will ease your first time opening and using your circle lenses.

Here is how it looks on 



Color: 5/5
So now i can finally say how much i LOVE these lenses! It was love at first sight! They give you big eyes but it looks very very natural! The color pops out really nicely and they are very true to their color~ For me these are an everyday circle lenses because they're very natural and do very well with Gyaru make up! So if you're into the natural look but still want some big dolly eyes,
I recommend these circle lenses because they are very nice!

You can use my coupon code "mochi" for 10% off your order!

Once again thank you so much Uniqso for sponsoring me these lenses!

That is all my bunny rabbits!