Monday, March 31, 2014

Kimchi Bambi Violet sponsored by

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Moving on, I'll be reviewing these lenses that were sponsored by UNIQSO
But before getting into the actual lens review i want to to tell you about UNIQSO and my experience with them!

So to begin with UNIQSO is located in Malaysia. They don't only sell a variety of circle lenses but also eye care,make-up, eyelashes, skin care and many other beauty products. They also sell the crazy lens that can be used for halloween or cosplay and even offer gift vouchers which is convenient for all gift occasions whether is a guy or girl because they can pick their own gift! UNIQSO as well includes in every circle lens purchase a free contact case! UNIQSO only wants to provide the best for their customers whether it's in customer service or their products!  And that is exactly what they do because i can tell you many many customers are satisfied with the service they have received from UNIQSO.

So to begin with UNIQSO's customer service is heaven! If you e-mail them a question about your order, you bet you will get a reply within 24 hours or sometimes even in minutes! They're really quick to answer their customers and we must credit them and thank them for that because i'm sure they have many customers they need to attend to! 
Or do they? 
Because UNIQSO updates their customers on their order and what's going on with the order! First they inform you when they ship out your order and tell you in how many days they will obtain the tracking# , then when they get the tracking# they tell you how you can track it DHL site and tell you how to obtain the tracking # in form of your local post! They inform you by e-mailing you and you can as well check your order on your account!
Not only that but UNIQSO's Lee Lee is very polite, nice and always happy to help customers! How do i know this? By the way I was treated! 
I'm so satisfied with UNIQSO and i invite you to try shopping in their site!

Now that i'm done expressing my feelings about why UNIQSO is so AWESOME i will now move with my circle lens review! I will also let you see how well it is packaged!
                                           So this is how it came by mail

it was wrapped safely in bubble wrap of course!

There was a cute bear box with a "Thank you" 
on it and of course the free contact case as promised by UNIQSO 

the bottom of this cute bear box there's UNIQSO's Logo!

Inside the cute bear box the lenses are stored safely 
wrapped in bubble wrap!

                                                                    and here we are!

So i stored these babies in a new fresh solution for 6 hours which is something that you must do once you open these contacts!
So here we are! Kimchi  Bambi Violet 
Here is how the lens look in different lighting!

So you can see that these lenses are indeed very vibrant! 
You can see the color really well in my dark brown eyes which i really love!
The design is as well very lovely because it's like the Princess Mimi that are produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka!
They're not very natural as they're very vibrant however they're very fun for gyaru eyes! The size is very big! It really does make a big difference because they're 16mm! My eyes really opened up! 
I specially loved the gold ring in the center of the circle lenses which again is like the Princess Mimi! 
The purple is a very cute purple and you can actually see it! I really liked these better than the Kimchi Bambi Pink because the pink looks red! 
These lenses are comfortable to wear however after a few hours my eyes do get dry and it is bugsome but you should be fine if you carry eye drops with you!
So these is how i rate the circle lenses!
Size: 5/5
Color: 5/5
Natural: 3/5
Effect: 5/5 
Comfort: 4/5
So overall i give these 4.5! 
I do recommend to try these out along with the other Kimchi Bambi lenses!
Remember to get these from  UNIQSO and to use my coupon code "mochi" to get 10% off your order!