Sunday, March 23, 2014

My night skincare routine

Hi my bunny rabbits! 
Today i felt like sharing my skincare routine that i do during the night with you guys!

My skin isn't perfect but it has indeed improved a lot thanks to experimenting with a few products.
But before i begin i will say not everything will work on your skin because we all have different skin and what works for me might or might not work for you. You just got to experiment. However i do recommend these items for you to try out!

So after a long hard day at school, work, or just mainly life, we come home exhausted and just want to remove our make-up off so we all of course usually use a make-up remover to make our lives much easier. Yet i never liked using make-up remover because i felt it was not good for my skin and it had too much chemicals. I used to use the MAC make-up remover and while it worked wonders i still felt very eh about it.
But i found these precious babies at target

These do what make-up removers do. Remove your make-up in the most freaking easiest way ever except these babies refresh your face and is actually GOOD for you. It deep cleans your skin with a exfoliating texture with aloe and green tea and it feels so damn refreshing at the end. My skin loves loves loves these so much and the best part is that i just wipe my make up off and i'm done.

Now after removing my make-up and spending some time on my laptop,  i use ONSEN n.2 & n.4 before i go to bed.
Now these babies are expensive but let me tell you that they work wonders!

           I actually ran out of n. 4 so sorry about that! They look the same just a different use for it. 
Now you use this ONLY once a week and that's all your skin really needs. 

N.2 is called Renew+Reveal which really is what it does! It is a extremely awesome exfoliator that gets rid of dry skin , dead skin, toxins & gives your skin a new fresh start! The product smells very pretty and it does not have such harsh chemicals

n.4 is called Hydrate. You can guess from the name that it moisturizes your skin but gets rid of the excess oil and leaves your skin really soft.
Both products smell great not chemically and they're not harsh on my skin at all. After using this my skin feels very soft and feels healthy and it's not one of those products which effects last only that day but it is PERMANENT. 
It is worth every single penny! 
I recommend you guys to give ONSEN a try! 
But it is expensive not going to lie lol
That is all my bunny rabbits!  
Next will be my skin morning routine and the things eat for a healthier skin!