Wednesday, November 20, 2013

AMOYAMO sweet poison eyelashes

Hello everyone I am finally back with another eyelash review! As you can see from the title of this post i am going to be reviewing AMOYAMO eyelashes.
But before i begin i want to introduce Amoyamo to those who don't have any idea of who they are. 

So to begin with, Amoyamo is made up of two girls who model harajuku fashion and they're called Amo and Ayamo. I had seen them countless of times all over tumblr and i fell in love instantly with their hair color and sweet dolly fashion. It was no doubt that they would get popular with such cute fashion and hair color of course. Amo has more of an cute, innocent, angelic style which is the kind of style i love, while Ayamo has more of a rock gothic yet girly kind of feel which is a very cool style as well. Besides being models they have also debuted as singers with their single "Let's go out!"
They seriously remind me of Puffy Ami & Yumi! That's why i fell in love with them instantly!
The PV isn't up on YouTube probably because of copyright issues but it can be viewed here!
This is Amo who shows off a sweet innocent style:
This is Ayamo who shows more of a dark but girly style

Now moving on with the eyelashes review! 
I  wanted to try out this eyelashes because they were different from many other eyelashes and it had very cute designs and because i also took a liking Amo's make-up because it was very natural yet very dolly-like and well who doesn't want to look like a cute and natural right? Which is why i was determined to get these eyelashes no matter what! 
If you want to buy them i got them from this Ebay user which was very nice and wrote me a cute letter! Oh and i am sorry for the ugly quality of these pictures! My sister had the camera and i was too excited to try these on to wait for the camera haha.

The packaging of these eyelashes were very cute and i was really excited because it had Amo on it haha~

Amo looks very cute 

This is the back of the container/box

and this is the little book thing that was inside the container/box showing the eyelashes design.

Here is how the eyelashes look in their container

and this is how they look when i put them on!

OTL i am sorry for blurring the poop out of this picture my skin has been horrible due to sleeping late and stress from school!

Now here is what i think of these eyelashes:
The quality of these eyelashes are okay i mean i don't LOVE them as i love the quality of the dollywink eyelashes but hey 5 pairs is a lot of eyelashes and they aren't half bad. BUT SIMPLE DETAIL THOUGH! I been wearing eyelashes since high school and i am like an expert at gluing eyelashes on but these!! The shape of these eyelashes is straight! (if that even makes sense lol) So it is very hard to adjust them to your eyes and glue them without it looking awkward! Also if you're not careful they can get torn apart easily. 
They are a very cute light brown color with a purple lash at the end and i must say that he design of these lashes are very flattering and natural as it goes from natural to dramatic yet still natural the end. They are different from other eyelashes in the market and i really love the design and colors because it makes my eye make-up look sweet and innocent. I think these are perfect if you want a sweet & dolly look without being so dramatic because i feel the other eyelashes look more dramatic.

Quality: 3/5
Natural: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Would i buy this again: I think these are very fun to own and are very flattering so i might buy again but mostly i think i am going to stick to dollywink instead. 

Thank you for reading!