Friday, August 23, 2013

Palty Golden Brown Hair Dye Review

Hello to whoever reads my blog!! 
*insert crickets sounds here*
Hello everyone! The date of going back to school is getting closer dangerously! I don't want to go baaaaaaack ~!

 New people, expensive books, homework, stress, tests! No no! I want to be in my room under my blankets forever by just thinking about it! But i know it's only good for me so i have to. 

Well moving on from the horrible news, since it's a new semester and all i wanted to dye my hair again! I wanted to go light again because black hair just bores me so much and i feel every piece of clothing i have goes well with light hair! In high school i had it honey brown and then i dyed it to black which was a BIG MISTAKE! And dyed it to a lighter brown again because i couldn't stand it. I don't like black hair anymore for some odd reason! Maybe when i am older i'll consider having long healthy black hair.

The color i had chose was not so different from my honey color. I had chosen Palty's golden brown which is more lighter and an orange gold which is what i was going for. I LOVE Palty's hair dyes because the colors are gorgeous and they have this fruity smell.  I was scared to use this hair dye because it had bleach and i hate damaging my hair! Read through to find my experience with this hairdye!

 So this is the hair dye i am going to be using! It's called Golden Brown!

The back of the box and the sides!

This is what the box has inside and you probably all know 
what it is and know how to dye your hair with palty haha ^^

I got two boxes of palty hair dye because one box was OBVIOUSLY not going to cover all my mufasa hair haha. Moving on as i said earlier i was really scared of my hair damaging as i never really used bleach before in my life. The dye didn't smell like bleach at all or smelled strong like bleach it smell fruity as the other dye i use! I left the dye on my hair for 30 minutes and rushed to get it off my hair fearing of damaging. When i finally was done showering and my hair had dried off, my hair was a very vibrant orange color!! It's okay though the color is still cute and i don't mind it at all plus i am sure it will wash off knowing Palty hairdyes. My hair looked exactly as the model of the picture! 

It looks cuter on her though! 

It's on a different lighting of course but it really does look like the model in the box!!
It did a good job covering ALL of my hair even though it has very little product! I have a lot of hair too!
(I wasn't kidding when i said i had mufasa hair)

My hair wasn't as damaged as i thought it would be! It actually feels soft right now and i put some hair treatment products i use on my hair so it won't take long for it to recover this bleaching session! So don't be afraid! It wasn't a lot of damage on my hair at all! It makes me relieved and happy because my hair looks gorgeous~
Would i recommend this: YES!
Would i purchase again: YES!
Price: 3/5
Color: 5/5
Damage: 3/5

Thank you for reading! I'll probably also do a video so look out for that!