Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dollywink eyelashes review

Hello everyone! Today I am going to write a small review over this Dolly Wink eyelashes i purchased back in January because many of you have asked me if they're worth the price so read through and find out about my experience.

I was searching for natural lashes on the internet because i wanted my eye make-up to look as natural as possible because i was tired of wearing kyary like thick eyelashes BUT at the same time i wanted to have eyelashes that made my eyes stand out more like my old lashes. (picture shown below of me with my old eyelashes)
Most of my searching for natural looking eyelashes was a complete fail mainly because it wasn't to my liking or because the eyelashes looked too dramatic. My last option was Dolly Wink. I did know about Dolly Wink and I LOVED the eyelashes which is designed by the cutest gyaru Tsubasa Masuwaka! It was just the price i didn't love so much yet i went and took a look at them once again. I immediately fell in love with n. 2 design which is called sweet girly because the design was natural but at the same time 3 lashes were thick but not as thick as my other lashes so eventually i gave in into these eyelashes and even picked some lower lashes to go with them after seen Tsubasa Masuwaka's eye pictures on the site.
My lower and top were about $18 each with shipping included for just 2 pairs of eyelashes so i was expecting gold from these eyelashes seen how they were very pricey. I got more than gold out of these eyelashes.

My eyelashes had arrived very quickly it took 2 days for them to arrive they were shipped from California. When i received my eyelashes the packaging was beautiful! I loved the packaging! It was very cute and i kept the little boxes because they were just too cute to throw away and it had Tsubasa on it!

The pink are the lower lashes n. 13 called "Baby girl" and the green one is n. 2 "Sweet girly"
this is the back of the packaging which gives you a preview of the lashes on tsubasa's eyes.
Moving on, when i opened my eyelashes they looked so natural like they were actually human eyelashes, i was really amazed by the quality of these eyelashes because i never had such high quality eyelashes. I had my doubts on the Sweet girly top eyelashes because i thought they were going to look very dramatic but to my surprise they looked so natural with some volume in those three thick lashes! The lashes also made my eyes look longer thanks to the effect on the end of the lashes! As for the bottom lashes I chose a natural but with some thick lashes as well. The design of the bottom lashes made my eyes stand out even more since my top ones were really natural plus i made my eyes looked bigger by leaving a little space at the end of my eyes.
Here are pictures of the lashes so you can look at the design more closer! I have the eyelashes that i been using since January in them that i still in fact still use. 

I have had these lashes since January and they are still looking in good shape. That's a period of 8 months! So to answer your question, YES THIS EYELASHES ARE WORTH EVERY CENT IN YOUR POCKET!
The design is perfect, they're natural looking but they still make your eyes stand out, the quality is amazing and they last a good long time!
Thank you for reading!

With lots of love,