Friday, April 22, 2016

Dream Color Nobluk Grey sponsored by

Hello Hello~
another UNIQSO post
Today I'm reviewing yet another pair of grey lenses!
These are not to disappoint!
If you like really natural lenses then keep reading my friend!
So again,
UNIQSO's service was great.
Very communicative.
The shipping took around 2 weeks.
this is how it came!
they included this cake case for my bday!
How cute and sweet is that~

Here are the lenses,

Now the lenses in my dark brown eyes!

full look!
rating: 5/5

final thoughts:
If you like big dolly eyes then these are not for you unless you like natural ones too. The size isn't my cup of tea. The diameter is close to my eye size. However these lenses were extremely natural looking and that was beautiful about them. Despite my dark brown eyes they were really true to their color.

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