Sunday, February 7, 2016

School started! + Why I'm not a christian anymore.

Hello there little lovelies!
It's been a while since my last entry.
I want to apologize for neglecting my blog.
I just been really antisocial and been having low self-esteem.
Now I'm slowly regaining myself!
How have you been?
I've started school again,
after a month of winter vacations.
I'm only going to school Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 9am-6pm.
It's kinda tough but at least I have many days to rest my poor self. 
I been struggling on my linguistic class and I been thinking about
skipping class just because I don't get the homework,
but I pushed myself and it seems I'm quite understanding it.
I just hate that there's only 2 exams.
Why do teachers always got to do this? lol

I'm also taking my Chinese class, now I'm on level 3 but I'll be changing
to level 4 this week as my Chinese teacher advise me.
I'm quite nervous as to how well i'll be able to catch up to the others
but I got the professor and department believing in me
So i'll have to do my best! 

My other classes are going by fine too.
I really love my TESOL class because
the teacher is extremely sweet and understanding
and everyday in the class we learn by interacting and drawing.
It's the best class ever and I hope I can provide a similar environment
for my students when I move to Hong Kong.
I remember when I was learning English,
I just got slapped with all this words and it was the biggest struggle of my life.
Now I'm thankful to be fluent in English and hope to help other non speakers 
have a pleasant journey learning English.
I'm also taking English Literature, 
The class is not hard at all, so far I been getting full points on my essays
which makes me feel great about myself.

I hope school has been easy for you and that you are making friends.

Also, Happy Lunar New year!

This year is the year of the monkey!
Happy New year to all my monkey followers!
My year is the year of the dog!
I can't wait for the year of the dog hehe~
I celebrated the New year with my boyfriend on friday at the church.
I met a lot of people and all of them were extremely kind to me.
It wasn't my first time coming, but I met many kind people 
that know my boyfriend's family and they even called little silly me pretty.
It was fun although I didn't see much of the performances as my boyfriend
went to play basketball so I just sat there and watched.
I sat there smiling like an idiot just watching him play,
It made me think about how much I love him.

Being at the church and interacting with other people made me happy.
It had being a while since I've done that specially at Church.
I haven't gone to church since I was in elementary.
I used to think it was so fun and the church was like my family.
I had negative situations that made me stopped going to church.
I still kept my Christianity and followed the word of god.

Recently however, I feel quite conflicted,
As my beliefs and Christianity don't go hand in hand.
It has become quite complicated for me to follow.
It's not that I don't love god or have my faith in him
that has totally not changed.
I just feel that My life is not to get into other's people lives 
nor judge them or do anything to put them down.
I don't think God put me here to do that either.
I just feel a lot of god's followers are hypocrites and use the bible to their benefit.
It makes me really upset.
I know tons of people who aren't like that though.
Even if they felt something like same sex marriage was wrong
they wouldn't comment on it and just kept it to themselves.
That's a REAL christian.
While the others blasted their hateful UNNECESSARY comments.
I'm not saying that I'm perfect that I not say something hurtful.
I have.
I terribly regret it.
I grown from it and learned from it.
Respect others like you want to be respected and likewise for how you treat others.
If there's something I learned lately is this,

god bless you!

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