Wednesday, December 23, 2015

GEO CM902 Berry Cessy Brown sponsored by UNIQSO

Hello Hello everyone,
Today I'm doing yet another review from 
from UNIQSO!

This time i picked berry cessy brown
 I really wanted to try for a long time!
I wanted to try because beautiful Amo from Amoyamo wore them with her beautiful pastel purple eyelashes.

As always no complains from UNIQSO!
You got to admire them. They really update their customers on their orders.
I pretty sure they get tons of orders too!
They're always so kind and answer back quickly.

There's also no problem with packaging!

Comes in a big DHL envelope thingy!

Inside it, it's this little package~ 

and inside are the goodies!

Lenses I chose along with free contact cases!

Inside the cute bear box there's lenses carefully 
bubbled wrapped!

these are the lenses I'm reviewing today,

On my eyes:
with flash:

no flash:


I really liked this lenses. The color is beautiful and very natural. The size is not enlarging at all which is sad because my eyes are quite small so I look weird. They're really comfortable too. I really liked how natural they looked but I wish they came in bigger diameter.

Thank you!
These were the berry cessy brown
from UNIQSO!

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